Admission Requirements

Graduate and Seminary Admission Requirements

What are the application requirements?
To apply for admission to LCU, applicants will need to turn in:

  • Online Application
  • A written essay, which is submitted is part of the application
  • Two Christian character references, which can be requested from the application
  • Final official transcripts from your undergraduate degree and all official graduate level transcripts you may have completed
  • Interview (some of our programs require an interview, including the MA in Counseling)

Lincoln Christian University desires to enroll Christians who have a heart for God, a love for people, a desire to serve in some form of leadership ministry, an ability to do graduate work, and a commitment to the University’s mission. Students should present a record of achievements that document their academic experiences, their call to ministry and church involvement as it relates to the University mission. Skills in critical thinking, communication and reading, along with a solid foundation in writing, Bible, and language are highly desirable.

Students are admitted to the Seminary once they have demonstrated, through the application process, that they meet the characteristics described above. Students are also required to have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale). Additional admission requirements for international students can be found in the academic catalog.

Additional Requirements for the MA in Counseling Program

In addition to the general application process, all Master of Arts in Counseling applicants are required to interview with the Master of Arts in Counseling program director.

Admission of Military Veterans

Military veterans who qualify for education benefits should obtain the necessary certification of eligibility for training online at or from the nearest Veteran Affairs Office (VA). Specific questions concerning unusual programs should be directed to the Veteran’s Administration. General questions concerning application for veteran’s benefits may be directed to the LCU Financial Aid Office.